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Designing & Software Applicaiton Development

User Interface Designing

United Software Solutions user interface designs are simple, instinctive, user friendly and easily maintainable web or application design interfaces. Our creative team of designers focus on enhancing user experience, ensuring usability across users.

We create a logical flow of different screens. A wireframe is created to provide a layout sketch of the look, behaviour and flow of data. Wireframes will include annotations for specific functionality to be used by the development team. Prototyping can be done in preparation for testing usability. Prototypes are created in Flash and HTML / CSS.

Web Site Designing

Internet and its services have brought about a lot of change in the way we used to implement business strategies. A small and growing organization has to prioritize their web strategies. It is not just about allotting a team of experts on a project but about understanding and implementing the ideas.

Our services allow your ideas to look realistic which provides enhanced web presence. We have skilled and experienced team which will analyze your strategies and device innovative ways tailor-made to suit your needs. We stress upon providing productive outputs without any drain of financial resources of our clients. We base our development and designing on following facts:

  • We adhere to all the vital site features such as usability, flexibility, high performance, traffic, etc.
  • Navigation of a website should be as smooth. With minimum clicks site visitor get access to information he’s looking for.
  • Our Creative designs let our clients stand out of the crowd.
Always allow your web pages to be up to date. Up to dated web site will let the site visitor keep themselves updated with all your products and services. Web solution is much cheaper and assures you consistent growth and all-round success.

Software Applicaiton Development

United Software Solutions offers the complete software product development lifecycle and support service. We setup and manage dedicated product development and support teams at our development centers for our clients.

Our USP is the investments that we constantly make to provide a robust infrastructure having requisite hardware, software and communication facilities to meet every expectation of our clients. We have measures in place to ensure, client intellectual property rights are protected.

United Software Solutions software development center is fully staffed with highly skilled and talented software engineers and technical support specialists available to meet your every development support requirement.

We update our clients with the latest technology trends in the market that may have an impact on their business.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in the development of custom software applications and use our offsite development facilities and resources to provide guaranteed cost savings to you.

With our expert knowledge and experience of technology components, software tools, application integration techniques and multi-platform environments we create optimal business applications that meet your business and technology needs. United Software Solutions has a project management and change management approach with communication with clients to ensure delivery as per your requirements at all times.

United Software Solutions help you map your business needs, and create a solution usable, fit for your business application. We provide application customization, integration of third-party software, development of content management systems, intranets, extranets, web applications, upgrade existing business applications.

United Software Solutions Software Development Process Include

  1. Software Requirement Specification: United Software Solutions meet the clients for detailed discussion for functional and nonfunctional components, design, and platform requirements. In the feasibility session, we outlines the scope of project, purpose, interfacing, resources involved, required functions, schedules, cost, and deliverables. After evaluation of all requirements, valuable guidelines are created for proposed engagement.
  2. Software Requirement Analysis and Design: United Software Solutions software developers analyze the accuracy and sufficiency of specified requirements. Hardware and software architecture is designed for developing a software module, based on the design specification document.
  3. Coding and Testing: Programmers write code according to the design specifications, adhering to coding standards. They use latest technologies that are best suited for the development of software. Prototype designs are approved by client, after which development process commences. As the code is generated, testing is done.
  4. Deployment, Support and Training: Developed software is deployment and training is provided to the end-users. Our support and maintenance services include changes during post-implementation stage. We provide quality work that complies with industry standards.

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